Calling the Shots- Who Doesn’t Want to Direct?

A surveillance system is only as good as the camera shots you achieve. If your dream isn’t to work in Hollywood, you may need a hand. Your iTech Digital Account Representative can assist you in choosing the proper camera placement and angles to maximize your camera system’s ROI.


iTech Digital takes a consultative approach to shot placement. “Proper placement is key. Even the best camera, placed in the wrong area, is worthless. After an initial consultation, I prepare a list of suggested camera locations. It helps my customers think about areas that might otherwise go uncovered. I create camera plans that clearly show what will be covered and often, what is not.  These plans are a great jumping off point, and let us fine tune your cameras long before your install date.” Eric Gillman- National Account Manager.



Our customers mainly focus on these areas:

Cash Handling – Cash is still the most tempting area of loss and despite the growth of credit card acceptance, is a key area in retail and QSR.  27 percent of all point-of-sale purchases were made with cash in 2011, according to a report published by Javelin Strategy & Research, a market research firm. Read more here.


Liability Risks – Spills, drips, recently mopped floors and wintertime ice  all cause slippery conditions. Slips and falls, consistently named as an area of concern by iTech Digital’s customers,  is an area where, without video evidence,  fraudulent claims prove difficult to refute.


Traffic Volume – Be sure to cover anywhere large numbers of people congregate or where vehicle traffic is heavy. Double drive thru's present speical problems.


Dual Use (Ops and LP) – Cameras can do double duty, as both LP and Ops tools. For more information on how to get the most out of cameras, read more here.



Where iTech Digital Can Help

Camera Capabilities – Pixel density, IP ratings, Lens length, WDR, there are many factors to consider when choosing the proper camera for a location.  Let iTech Digital sort through the myriad of options for you.


Line of sight and Construction – As the aesthetic design of QSR and retail locations change, new line of sight challenges appear. Additional cameras may be needed to cover areas now blocked by decorative walls or signage. iTech Digital understands these challenges, especially in new construction. Factory trained technicians recognize limitations in the field and make suggestions on where best to place the cameras.


Intentional Avoidance of Sensitive Areas – Improper camera placement can lead to the capture of unintended areas. The most common mistake is long shots that go through restroom doors.



Shot Sheets

"National Accounts find that a shot plan allows enterprise wide uniform coverage, " according to Natalie Himmel, National Account Manager, “ Consistency is key. LP department heads need to know exactly what is covered at each of their locations. With a visual and written description, our shot sheets help our install staff achieve the desired shot each time. It makes all the difference in the world.”


To schedule a camera consultation with one of our National Account Managers, and for more information on iTech Digital products and services, please contact us!

Matt Craig
Matt Craig is the Technology Development Manager at iTech Digital. He works with our security solutions installation and support team to build partnerships with customer IT departments.
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