Country Attic Treasures: Our high-value client with a high-value inventory

From early spring until late fall, hunters comb the forested areas of the Midwest in search of game, while target and sports shooting are popular at ranges all year long. To accommodate these sportsmen, a new firearms/sports retail store has opened north of Cincinnati, Ohio called Country Attic Treasures. Although Country Attic Treasures has been in business for almost 30 years, new owner, Scott Ready, has moved the business and has opened this new store. Country Attic Treasures sells a wide range of firearms and ammunition plus clothing, books and supplies, common to any retail establishment. What sets it apart is its unique décor featuring an authentic stagecoach, placed in the center of the store.




When Scott was planning his new retail outlet, security was one of his primary concerns. He felt that having a large inventory of high value items that require tracking called for the installation of an integrated security system. He selected ITech Digital to do the job. National Account Executive, Eric Gillman, worked with Scott on the project. "Working with Scott has been great. He was able to communicate his main coverage concerns for the store and, collaboratively, we created a security solution that I believe, exceeded his expections."

Country Attic Treasures Integrated Security Plan

Throughout the store and grounds are 13 IP cameras, including a 360-degree camera that has a digital zoom, placed in the center of the store. All entrances are covered as well as the point-of-sale stations. In addition, Country Attic Treasures is fully prepared for fire with four pull stations and 15 smoke and heat detectors. All this, in combination with a motion-sensor monitoring system, are all controlled with 24/7 remote access monitoring, making Scott feel very secure.


Scott said, "Because of the high value inventory we have in firearms and ammunition, we have to be more diligent about controlling the sales process. We are responsible to the ATF, so we track all items coming in and leaving the store – if we don't do this properly, we could lose our license. ITech Digital has designed a comprehensive security/access/fire system that really does the job – it enhances and protects my business."


Protection for the Grounds

As the project progressed, Scott and the ITech Digital specialists decided that the property needed another level of access control, one that protected the drive leading up to the store. The result is a physical gate with a sensor that is installed over the driveway. The finished gate pushes the safety perimeter past the store itself, into the parking area.


Country Attic Treasures opened mid-April and the hunting community is thrilled with the store with the stagecoach in the middle. Scott Ready wants to focus on developing his new store and expand their internet presence, possibly opening a fulfillment center nearby. "Working with ITech Digital was a great experience. Their crew is very flexible and accommodating while working with other contractors. We'll be doing business with them for years to come," states Ready.

Eric Gillman
Eric Gillman is a National Account Executive at ITech Digital. With nearly 15 years experience in the security industry, he works with customers to design video surveillance systems for a range of applications, including restaurants, retail, education, and corporations.
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