Easy-to-adopt Business Boosts

Create, protect, and enhance your restaurant business. 

If you are in the restaurant business, it’s a good place to be right now. According to the National Restaurant Survey Association, the restaurant industry has annual sales of $632 billion. With an average daily sale of $1.7 billion in 2012, the industry is surely booming.

Here are a few easy-to-adopt/feasible tips to create, protect, and enhance your restaurant business:


It takes 25% more time, effort and cost in attracting new customers than in retaining old ones. Some ideas include attractive discounts, free drinks/dessert of the day, and providing daily deals like Groupon coupons and Living Social to your regular customers. 46% of restaurateurs have benefited using these deals by providing small “gifts” on special occasions to their customers.

Who’s Your Best Customer?

Make use of your reservation database/records to learn more about your customers. Focusing on regulars is a sure way to trigger repeat and add-on business as they are a resourceful and cost effective means of word-of-mouth advertising and referrals.


Exploit social media

Sending newsletters via email to all regular customers, providing useful info through frequent updates on your Facebook page, or easy recipes on Pinterest/Twitter are effective/low cost methods to create good visibility for your business.


Protect your assets

To ensure that your restaurant is safe from theft, pilferage and damage, invest in high-tech security cameras that will not only help you keep a close eye on security and provide protection for a your biggest asset – your business.

iTech Digital offers high-end i2i video surveillance cameras to help you prevent losses from theft, ensure greater protection, and provide your clients with better safety and security.

ITech Digital
ITech Digital provides integrated security solutions such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion, fire, and business intelligence data and analytics. Our cutting edge technology combined with over 100 years of industry experience helps us to create and maintain results-driven integrated solutions for businesses such as restaurants, retail locations, hotels and hospitality, K-12 schools and universities, warehouses, and commercial buildings.
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