iTech Digital's Top Tips

1. Watch live video
Actively use the system, don’t let it just sit there. Place key cameras on your screen and use them constantly for operational benefits. Periodically check parking lot cameras. Discourage loitering and check before exiting back doors at night. If something seems suspicious call the police and make a video clip or snapshot.


2. Spot check the previous night
Make it a habit to do spot checks of the previous night. Users often report the most loss during evening and night hours. Daily reinforcement that the facility is being monitored, even if management is not onsite, is the most effective means of reducing loss.


3. Watch 1-4 cameras at a time
Studies show that it is difficult for humans to watch multiple screens of video at a time. Concentrate on just a few cameras at a time, maybe even just one. This will help you not to miss anything.


4. Identify the good not just the bad
Watch for positive customer interaction and application of proper practices and procedures. Acknowledge and reward employees accordingly.


5. Use a video clip (or clips) to reinforce why disciplinary action has been taken
Share what happened with the employee in a non-negotiable format. Make a clip of the incident then burn it to a CD or flash drive and place a copy in the employee’s file.


6. Provide iTech Technical Support contact information to law enforcement
Let iTech Digital help you. If you have an incident with police involvement, give them iTech Digital's contact information. iTech Digital has years of experience assisting and can assist law enforcement on the local, state and even federal levels.


7. Make video clips immediately so video is not recorded over
Nearly all DVRs record over the oldest video. When an incident occurs, make a video clip right away. If you cannot quickly get to the location, or need multiple copies, use iTech Digital's retrieval service.


8. Keep it clean
DVRs need ventilation, ensure the area around the DVR is free from obstructions. This will help to prolong the life of your system. Cameras, especially those around grills and fryers need to be cleaned quarterly. Use a soft cloth (not paper towels) and blue glass cleaner.


9. If the system doesn’t seem "normal" call iTech technical support
Restaurant and retail environments can be hard on electronic equipment. If anything ever seems off with the cameras call iTech Digital Technical Support at 866-733-6673. They can assist you with phone troubleshooting or send a technician to your location for diagnosis and repair.


10. Keep usernames and passwords secure
As with all security measures they are only effective if you keep them private. Don’t share your username or password with anyone. Once it is public it will have to be changed.

Matt Craig
Matt Craig is the Technology Development Manager at iTech Digital. He works with our security solutions installation and support team to build partnerships with customer IT departments.
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