Revolutionize Quality Control in Your Restaurant

How franchise owners are re-tasking their surveillance systems to ensure a quality service.


Typically, when you think about a surveillance system, you immediately think of theft or perhaps a slip and fall. What isn’t so obvious, however, is to transfer your traditional thinking about these systems from security to quality.

If you are like most franchise owners in the restaurant industry, you know you have to keep your eye on everything. You probably wish you could be there 24 hours a day, but in reality, you can’t. That’s where the surveillance system becomes the franchise owner’s best friend. It’s a 24 hour a day manager that never tires, never takes a break and never misses anything…ever! It sees the front of the house, the back of the house, the food’s preparation, and every employee’s behavior and actions. All of which, is conveniently stored on a hard drive. Most systems even have remote viewing, so you can even manage quality from your living room.

With this technology in place, owners can also use DVRs for training and reviews. If you have an employee who uses their cell phone a bit too much, you can easily review a catalogue of events and coach your employee on better practices. Maybe an owner is particular about making sure their employees wear gloves. One simple check on the camera and they’ll know. Or, you are about to upgrade your menus to showcase a higher quality product– wouldn’t it be nice to check in on the transition and make sure that employees are giving the proper attention and detail to the new menu items? After all, the customer’s first impression of these new items will be very important to long-term revenue. In one specific instance, a franchisee encountered a customer complaint about an error in their pizza order (believe it or not, some customers fabricate complaints to get discounts or free items). The owner pulled up a camera shot of that customer’s exact pizza/transaction and sent it to him—the pizza was perfect. An amusing ending to a not-so-amusing occurrence that happens often in the QSR industry.

Most restaurants already have surveillance systems in place. Now, you can use them in a completely new and different way to ensure quality. iTech Digital understands that, as a franchise owner, quality is important to you. For owners who have either an old system, a limited system or no system at all, maybe it’s time to reconsider quality and find your peace of mind with i2i Systems.

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ITech Digital provides integrated security solutions such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion, fire, and business intelligence data and analytics. Our cutting edge technology combined with over 100 years of industry experience helps us to create and maintain results-driven integrated solutions for businesses such as restaurants, retail locations, hotels and hospitality, K-12 schools and universities, warehouses, and commercial buildings.
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