Time to Tidy Up

Spring has sprung and we all know what that means: it’s time for Spring cleaning! While you’re busy tidying up, don’t forget about your surveillance system. Maintaining clean cameras and a well -ventilated DVR will not only protect your investment, but also ensure that your equipment will continue to function at 100% for years to come.


Clean Cameras

Keeping your cameras clean is one of the best ways to maximize your investment. Over time, cameras can become covered in a thin layer of grease and dirt that can greatly distort and blur your camera picture. This is especially true in areas with grills and fryers. Cleaning your cameras is the easiest, most cost effective way to get the best picture quality possible. Many customers add cleaning cameras to a monthly checklist. Here are some cleaning tips for our most common cameras. For more information on camera types please see our blog post Everyone Has a Type.


Dome Camera – Most iTech Digital are domes and cleaning a dome is very easy. Simply take a very soft cotton cloth (do not use paper towels) with Windex and wipe down the dome cover. If the dome is extremely greasy, you can remove the cover (please call iTech Digital Technical Support for assistance) and wash it with dish soap.


Enviro & Bullet Cameras – If you have a small environmental or bullet camera, you can simply wipe the flat part of the lens with a soft cloth and Windex.


Box Cameras with Lenses – Lenses are more delicate and should be treated with care. If you need to clean a box camera with a lens, use a soft lens cleaning cloth (commonly available at Walmart or other big box retailers).



Clean the DVR

DVR systems from iTech Digital are designed to run continuously for years without being shut down. To prolong the life of your system it is important that the DVR receives plenty of cool air at all times.


To keep your DVR running properly, make sure that no dust or objects block any of the vented areas. Using a dry soft cloth, wipe down the vents to make sure no dust can build up.  Locking Rack Mount systems (LRM) have doors on one side and inside the doors are filters. These filters should be removed periodically and washed, dried and then placed back in their doors. DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air to clean your DVR. The static electricity generated by a vacuum can damage your system. Spraying cold, compressed air into a running DVR can also damage components. If you feel your DVR needs more extensive cleaning maintenance, please feel free to contact iTech Digital Technical Support for assistance.



Replace your Battery Backup

iTech Digital recommends replacing your battery backup (UPS) every two years. If you have not done so for a few years, please call Technical Support. We can send you the proper UPS for your system and provide assistance with proper installation. While you’re checking batteries, don’t forget to replace the batteries in your wireless keyboard and mouse if needed.



Check for Quick Reference Guides and Window Stickers

Check to make sure you have a Quick Reference Guide (QRG). This one page laminated document is a great refresher on how to operate your i2i System.  If you need new window stickers, just let us know. They are an easy way to remind visitors that you have surveillance.



System Review

If your i2i system was installed several years ago or you’ve had a remodel at your location, it may be time for a system review. Contact your sales representative for a free review of your current system and options for upgrades and improvements.

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