Tis The Season To Be Jolly (And Safe)

The holiday season is in full swing. While many industries slow to a crawl, this is prime time for our Restaurant and Retail customers. Make sure the busy pace doesn’t detract from your safety and loss prevention goals. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.



Aisles and walkways – Seasonal signage, lights, special displays on end caps, you are working hard to make the most of the holiday spending season. Double check to make sure you didn’t inadvertently block any walkways or aisles.  Don’t stack items too high or fail to secure them.


Keep line of sight for cameras  The signs, balloons and garland that make your store a festive destination can all too often block your cameras. While hanging decorations ensure that all your cameras maintain good line of sight.  Blind spots are prime for the Grinches of the world.


Christmas trees  Whether at home or in a store or restaurant, everyone loves a real fir tree. Any fireman will tell you, dried out trees pose a real fire danger. Leave the trees for the squirrels,  opt for an artificial tree instead, lower fire risk, no clean up and you can use it year after year.


Lights  Nothing says Christmas like the strings of tiny twinkling lights. As you are pulling out lights this year, take a closer look. Use only UL listed lights with proper outdoor ratings. Make sure they are in good condition without any burned out bulbs, exposed wiring or other damage. For a “greener” alternative, try LED lights, they last longer and use much less power, saving money in the long run.


Ladders  Don’t drag out that old shaky wooden ladder to hang your decorations. It might be time to get a new ladder, one with the proper height and duty rating. Your safety is worth it.  For more information on ladder safety see OSHA’s Portable Ladder Safety Quick Card.



Slips and falls  It almost goes without saying, clear parking lots and walk-ways of snow and ice. Mop wet areas frequently.  A slip and fall in your store will ruin your holiday.


Hazard signs Place one at all entrances and anywhere water accumulates. Keep a sharp eye, tracked-in snow can end up nearly anywhere.


Floor mats  Heavy duty floor mats will clean those messy shoes and boots. Change them out if worn or saturated.


Exhaust fans and fire exits  Make sure exhaust fans and fire exits are not blocked. Check them periodically, as fresh snow presents new dangers.


Loading and unloading areas – Take care to clean receiving areas. Plows can block truck paths. Heavy loads on carts can make them difficult to control on snow and ice. Shovel, salt and sand where applicable. Your shipping providers will appreciate the nod as well.


Seasonal Staff

Safety training Being “new” is no excuse for being unsafe. Seasonal employees should enjoy the same safety training and equipment as permanent ones. Review video during slower times to ensure your expectations are met.


Don’t shortcut You run background checks and observe best hiring practices with your permanent team members, do the same for your seasonal help.  The only wool pulled over your eyes this year will be that new Christmas sweater.


Review POS data for errors and fraud The busy holiday season, coupled with increased customer traffic can make it hard to stay on top of POS problems. Use your video surveillance system with POS integration to review suspicious transactions, even after the season is over.




Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, from iTech Digital. We appreciate your business and wish each of you a safe holiday season and a prosperous new year.

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