Two Mobile Trends to Make Your Business More Secure

Your phone is so much more than a communication device. With the new apps and greater power and memory that can be incorporated into mobile devices, they are now an essential part of our daily lives. We store our music, photos, payment and money information and other valuable data on these devices.


A look into the future of access control and video security reveals that mobile devices will be key in both system management and in supplying token credentials for entry into sensitive areas.


Managing multiple locations

Security administrators are now able to manage the security of multiple locations remotely. They can pull up live video of an event happening in the present or review an event in progress in the past on their mobile devices with the aid of an application supplied by their security service. Most security and access control companies are able to provide their customers with this service, but there are different levels of capability available.


Bluetooth or WiFi credential login

Mobile credential login through Bluetooth or WiFi is a developing technology in the security space that will most likely become commonplace as more companies invest in the technology and the process becomes simpler. Biometric login can aid in the apprehension of hackers and criminals by allowing initial entry to identify the perpetrator while preventing access to sensitive areas.


Vulnerabilities and risk

As with most new technology, younger people are quick to adapt to mobile apps for remote access, while older generations often respond with reticence due to unfamiliarity. With tutorials and encouragement, older mobile users can gain confidence and familiarity using apps for access.


Mobile devices, while giving us convenience, have also become a point of vulnerability. Our life lines need to be protected. If a phone is lost or stolen, we now have the biometric technology to take the device out of the system completely, locking the perpetrator out, yet allowing the device to be identified and discovered.


ITech Digital stays current with mobile trends and integrates state-of-the-art hardware, software and video into security solutions that fit your business. Our mobile apps offer users convenience for remote access to business intelligence, while minimizing the risk involved in using them. To take a look at your customized solution, contact us at (317) 704-0440.

Mark Nazarenus
Mark Nazarenus is the President of ITech Digital. Mark is an experienced security professional that partners with organizations across the nation to design custom security solutions for industries like retail, restaurants, warehouse and commercial buildings, K-12 schools and colleges.
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