Security Assessment

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With well over 100 years of security experience, ITech Digital has provided schools, hospitals and businesses with experienced security consultations, for a relevant security solution including video surveillance, access control, Intrusion and mobile emergency communications.

 Now more than ever, we feel the obligation to take all measures possible to create a safe and secure environment while minimizing risk and liability for our organizations. With so many technology options, a great place to start is with a holistic security assessment. This provides you with a comprehensive evaluation and a written report that becomes your road map in enhancing your overall security.

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Fill out your Security Assessment form or contact Mark Nazarenus for your Security Assessment.

Your Security Assessment

 Your assessment will include: (3-5 days)

 • Pre-visit research including local CAP Index Report
(CAP = Crimes Against People)

 • In-depth discovery consultation meeting to review research and understand your organizations security culture, current policies and procedures along with the specific challenges you are facing.

 • On-sight survey of entire facility that will include both day and night reviews.

 • In-depth review meetings with our findings and recommendations with written report that will prioritize solution implementation.

 • Budget estimates for each component of the security recommendations for planning purposes.