iTech Digital Offers New MSC Chassis

Following a philosophy of continued improvement, iTech Digital, an Indianapolis, IN based video surveillance provider, recently released the MSC Chassis. A Mid Size Chassis, the MSC takes over for the previously offered SFP and LRM chassis.


Externally, the MSC Chassis represents the best of both worlds, smaller size and lighter weight than a traditional rack mount DVR but with the ability to fit standard racks and the capacity to include multiple internal storage drives. Ryan Schalk, Vice President of Operations at iTech Digital, stressed the importance of storage, "Storage capacity is vital to our customers, we often achieve 100 or more days of storage. We couldn't see giving that up to go to a smaller size. At the end of the day, video retention is what really matters." The new chassis allows for flexible wall mounting, minimizing the desk or shelf space required to install the system.


The changes are not just aesthetic. Internal components have also been improved, resulting in a "greener" DVR. The MSC houses the most current components from Intel, Western Digital and other leading manufacturers. These components combine to reduce electrical power usage by more than 50% and decrease heat by 20-30%. With increasing energy costs, these changes add new value to iTech Digital's offering.


iTech Digital also sought to improve the longevity of the product. "We looked at the most common causes of DVR failure in the field and sought solutions. Heat is really the main enemy of DVRs, and the QSR environment can be especially hard on electronics. To address these issues we developed a motherboard, hard drive, power supply and case combination with that is powerful enough for Mega Pixel IP video while maintaining excellent heat dissipation characteristics. We expect to see significant gains the lifespan of deployed systems." says Bryan McCorkle, Lead Production Technician at iTech Digital.


Users who require optical media drives and 3.5" removable hard disk drive bays will continue to find them on the MSC. Existing customers seeking to migrate to the new chassis will be pleased to find that continuity with existing equipment is maintained, as the video dongles and other connections are consistent with previous models.


Ashley Schalk
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