P.O.S.: Point of Surveillance

QSR and Retail operators understand the importance of having surveillance in the all sensitive areas of their businesses. Perhaps no other location is more crucial than at the POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals. Every day, millions of dollars are lost at the POS, ranging from unauthorized employee discounts, time card fraud, coupon re-use, even outright cash theft. Cameras capturing the events at each register are key, but why not take it a step further?


POS Integration is a powerful tool that enables owners and managers to review surveillance video together with transaction details. The video systems tie to the POS so the actual transaction text appears with the video in real-time. The primary benefit to such a system is its ability to target 'exceptions' or certain transactions conducted at the register (Whitfield 200) that are outside the norm. Common POS exceptions to look for include:


  • Voids
  • Returns
  • Manually entered values
  • Line corrections
  • Transaction cancellations
  • Co-worker purchases
  • Extra Discounts
  • Specially tagged items
  • Exchanges and refunds


All of these keywords can be searched for and then visually verified with the captured video.  Pair the exception with the video of the perpetrator and you’re well on your way to proving your case and eliminating the loss.


You may also want to watch transactions in real-time, even remotely, allowing you to provide real-time feedback to employees. Watch for an employee using another’s log in or swipe card, best practices adherence or keep video clips to use as training tools or at review time.


Why POS Integration? If you want to lower theft, cash mishandling, and fraudulent transactions, integrate your registers with i2i Systems surveillance. A POS system with integrated video surveillance makes it easier to find and verify exceptions; identifying issues in real-time means increasing profitability and protecting your bottom line.


For more information on loss prevention and investigations, check out Guess Who’s Eating Your Profits, a practical how-to guide by former law enforcement officer and current industry professional Craig Whitfield. To learn how iTech Digital can help your business with POS Integration, contact us:


Further Reading:

Whitfield, Craig A. Guess Who’s Eating Your Profits… Bloomington: AuthorHouse, 2013. Print.

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