Employee Highlight: Mark Nazarenus, President of ITech Digital

We celebrate the leadership that drives our company to foster an environment of success both for our employees and partners alike. Today, we’re talking to Mark Nazarenus, President of ITech Digital, to learn more about his impressive 44-year journey in the security industry. But to understand how he got to where his is now, you would have to understand the contribution of his early days in the industry. 


highlight-mark-nazarenus-quote (2)“I had family members and friends that worked in the industry. I first started working for Best Lock Corporation in Seattle, WA, as a combinator in 1977. It started as just a job to pay for college. But the longer I worked, the more I got caught up in that we provided a solution/service that kept kids safe in school and protected assets within the organizations we served.  


"I spent 25 years with Best working my way up through the ranks selling [and] managing. In 1988, we began to promote Electronic Security and Video along with the locking hardware. It even became a larger draw for me as we were able to strengthen the offering for a much more complete solution. For the last 7 years I lead the corporate effort to move a lock company into Electronic Security.” 


When asked about what his advice would be for someone getting started in the security industry, Nazarenus said: 


“Connect with a reputable organization that has a culture of learning and values character in the people that work for them. Work/train in all aspects of the business, a broad understanding is going to help you succeed at whatever role you play. Be a self-learner. Take advantage of what the company offers but go step further and invest in yourself through reading, online training, and certifications... Finally, find a mentor that you trust and admire that you can use as a sounding board as you grow in your career. “ 


Considering how much the security industry has grown and evolved over the years, we asked Nazarenus about the biggest changes he has seen and what his vision of the future of security looked like: 


“The major shifts [I have seen] have been the move to IP in the Video and Access world. HD high-resolution cameras, enhanced compression for better storage, cloud-based systems, analytics in the solution so cameras aren’t just recording but they are actually looking for events, and AI taking analytics to a much deeper level and allowing these solutions to provide business intelligence to help better run organizations.” 


With such an accomplished career in the security industry, we asked Nazarenus what achievements he's most proud of so far: 


“In 44 years, I have met so many colleagues, customers and partners that are still friends today. This is an industry that serving others is critical to success. I have made my mistakes over the years but have always tried to learn from those mistakes and share those experiences with others so they don’t have to go through the same mistakes. I am thankful for the opportunities I have had and thank God he has blessed me as I have been able to serve so many wonderful companies.” 



ITech Digital
ITech Digital provides integrated security solutions such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion, fire, and business intelligence data and analytics. Our cutting edge technology combined with over 100 years of industry experience helps us to create and maintain results-driven integrated solutions for businesses such as restaurants, retail locations, hotels and hospitality, K-12 schools and universities, warehouses, and commercial buildings.
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