Industries and organizations

Integrated security solutions reduce operational and business risk in several types of organizations

We specialize in creating customized security solutions for organizations in many types of industries. Select your industry below to learn more about how our solutions work in your organization.


Quick service and fast casual restaurants

With over 4000 solutions deployed in the US, we are equipped with the knowledge to enhance your security, improve safety and maximize efficiency at your quick service or fast casual restaurant.


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Retail stores

We design integrated security solutions that create a safe environment for shoppers, reduce shrink and provide you with detailed reports to assist in making your business run more efficiently.


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K-12 schools

Our goal is to ensure school safety and security to create a positive learning environment through a proactive solution.


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Colleges and universities

As an experienced integrator, we work with you to create a customized and proactive security solution to increase student, faculty and visitor safety on your campus. 


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Warehouses and distribution centers

We help you improve security, operational efficiency and workplace safety in warehouses and distribution centers.


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commercial buildings

Commercial buildings

We design integrated security solutions especially for larger buildings that help provide a safe work environment and increase office security.


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commercial buildings

Hotels and hospitality

As security specialists, we assist in creating a safe environment for your guests with an integrated hotel security system.


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