Bang For Your Buck

Purchases are all about what you get for your money and investing a surveillance system/vendor should be no exception. ROI (return on investment) is an important factor to consider, especially as it pertains to the cost of equipment and installation, as well as the cost of operation and maintenance.


A few other factors to consider when purchasing a surveillance system:

  1. Technology (Is your equipment current? Up to date with the latest and greatest?)
  2. Support (Does it provide you and your business with what you need, when you need it?)
  3. Viability (Will it sustain a long term partnership?)


All of these factors also relate to the other half of your ROI: choosing surveillance vendor.  It’s important to choose the right equipment, but it’s also crucial to choose the right provider. After all, what good is a luxury car if there is no one there to provide specialized service and maintenance?


ROI for surveillance can be measured differently depending on the QSR or retail brand. Some brands focus on the impact of sales, while others are more concerned with drive thru speed and food costs, etc.


Some of the general results on ROI for surveillance solutions:

  • One brand saw their revenue per restaurant increase by an average of $3,000 or about 7% per month.
  • Another situation led to a savings of almost $4,000 per location once POS integration was completed, allowing for video verification at the registers.
  • Drive-thru speed of service improved by 20% in another brand by adding a drive-thru camera and monitor.  Recent industry research shows that shaving two seconds from every drive-thru customer’s wait time can generate an additional $12,000 in monthly sales, simply because of improved efficiency and subsequent volume.
  • Another brand reduced workers' comp claims by $600,000 annually once iTech installed cameras systems in their 500+ locations.  The same brand saw slip and fall claims reduced by 25%.


Choosing a surveillance provider with the best solution for your business is essential to a quick ROI.  When used for loss prevention, asset protection, process improvement, safety and security, your customized iTech Digital surveillance solution will help you quickly recognize your ROI.

Ashley Schalk
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