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The Ultimate Selfie: Surveillance

The record breaking re-tweeted Oscars selfie has us thinking, surveillance cameras are just like selfies for your business. Am I right? Like any posed out shot of yourself, surveillance cameras display what business owners want to see most in their business. And like selfies, this means capturing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are a few humorous, yet true ways that surveillance cameras really are the ultimate selfie of your business:

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5 Reasons NOT to Have a Surveillance System

From restaurants to retail stores, surveillance is in nearly all businesses today. Still, it doesn’t hurt to wonder, why do we need cameras?  Whether or not you have a surveillance system in place, here are a few reasons why anyone would want to steer clear of installing an effective security solution in a business:

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Bang For Your Buck

Purchases are all about what you get for your money and investing a surveillance system/vendor should be no exception. ROI (return on investment) is an important factor to consider, especially as it pertains to the cost of equipment and installation, as well as the cost of operation and maintenance.

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Lights Camera Action!

Really? A blog about light—why? Well, we’re glad you asked. Light is essential for many reasons, especially as it relates to surveillance cameras. No matter your lighting situation, there is definitely a camera solution for your business. Read on to learn more about light and how it impacts picture quality. Consider yourself enlightened!

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6 Helpful Tips for Deterring Employee Theft at Your Business

Do some research: Determine if potential employees are trustworthy. Always checks applicants' references. When high school students apply, contact their guidance counselors. A few minutes of time when hiring could save you from thousands of losses due to theft down the road.

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Do-It-Yourself Surveillance: Don’t Do It!

If you’ve ever been involved in a DIY project, then you’re likely familiar with going over time deadlines and way over budget. The same is true with DIY surveillance. If you’re considering self-installing your own surveillance system, there are many reasons to reevaluate. Important drawbacks to consider include:

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iTech Digital Offers New MSC Chassis

Following a philosophy of continued improvement, iTech Digital, an Indianapolis, IN based video surveillance provider, recently released the MSC Chassis. A Mid Size Chassis, the MSC takes over for the previously offered SFP and LRM chassis.

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P.O.S.: Point of Surveillance

QSR and Retail operators understand the importance of having surveillance in the all sensitive areas of their businesses. Perhaps no other location is more crucial than at the POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals. Every day, millions of dollars are lost at the POS, ranging from unauthorized employee discounts, time card fraud, coupon re-use, even outright cash theft. Cameras capturing the events at each register are key, but why not take it a step further?

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Slip and Fall – A No Win Situation

June is National Safety Month, which draws an important focus on workplace safety. The National Safety Council reports that slip and falls are the cause of more than 20 percent of all disabling injuries. Workers’ compensation and medical costs associated with these accidents cost approximately $70 billion per year. For an employer, it is crucial to mitigate the risks and costs of slip and fall injuries.

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One for You One for Me?

Employee theft is often considered the single largest cause of retail shrinkage. QSR reports that “Intentional shrinkage usually occurs during checkout when an employee takes orders, accepts more cash for the purchase than he/she enters into the POS system, and then pockets the extra cash.”

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