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Top 3 Retail Security Issues and Retail Security Solutions

When it comes to retail loss prevention, some traditional security issues continue to exist as well as emerging retail security issues. At Itech Digital, our retail customers in Indiana and across the U.S. talk about the evolving security issues they face. The good news is that technology is also evolving, which is innovating video surveillance and analytics solutions, creating a convergence between IT and physical security, and positioning you, as a retailer,  to proactively protect your business, product, and customers. In this article, we discuss the myriad retail security issues and the best retail security solutions. 

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Secure Equipment Act Bans Major Chinese Security Products

The U.S. Senate passed the Secure Equipment Act in a unanimous vote this week. The vote positions the FCC to ban approvals of devices with radio frequency, which present national security risks. The manufacturers include the same list referenced in the 2019 NDAA: Dahua, Hikvision, Huawei, ZTE Corporation, and Hytera Communications Corporation, along with their subsidiaries and affiliates. This impacts more than 100 million video surveillance devices in the U.S. ITech Digital wants you to know the risk and alternatives to protect your business. 

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QSR's Use Restaurant Surveillance, Data Analytics To Innovate

As the Food & Beverage industry continues to reel from COVID-related labor and supply chain shortages, some Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) know they must innovate or fold. At ITech Digital, we've watched some of our QSR clients develop strategies to reduce risk in these areas. At the same time, these same strategies proactively maximize revenue and catalyze operational efficiency. How? Digitalization, which includes video surveillance and data analytics, is one of the main weapons in their arsenal. This article explains what digitalization is and how you can use it to innovate.

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Chuck McCormick to speak at the upcoming Education Sector Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University

Sharing his knowledge of physical security and security technologies is no new feat for Chuck McCormick, the Director of Sales Engineering at ITech Digital. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, and as a board certified Physical Security Professional, Chuck is a fountain of information for organizations seeking to improve their understanding of physical security and security technologies. He plans to do just that at the upcoming Education Sector Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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Organized Retail Crime: What you need to know.

Shrink is an ever-present concern for most LP professionals. In the past, the focus has been on dishonest employees trying to score a little drug money, but times are changing and LP now has to deal with organizations that specialize in stealing for profit from retail and QSR organizations. Continue reading to learn what this could mean for your business.

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Security Industry Veteran, Chuck McCormick, joins ITech Digital as Director of Sales Engineering

Industry knowledge and experience are invaluable to developing top tier organizations. A team focused on success both personally and professionally, and individuals passionate about their work are important traits that create the difference between a good business and a great business. Here at ITech Digital we are always looking for outstanding leaders that can challenges us to deliver the highest quality solution to meet our partners security needs.

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3 Signs You Should Invest In System Support in 2018

Are support plans for video surveillance necessary? Does your business benefit from system support?

Where is the value in maintenance plans? Let's find out.

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Safety and Security Signage - Only half the answer.

We see these signs every day in all kinds of environments... or do we? Many times, these warnings become lost in the mirage of company advertising and décor. There's no question that companies should continue utilizing these safety tools, but it is important to recognize that signage is only half of the answer.

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Tis The Season To Be Jolly (And Safe)

The holiday season is in full swing. While many industries slow to a crawl, this is prime time for our Restaurant and Retail customers. Make sure the busy pace doesn’t detract from your safety and loss prevention goals. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

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Slip and Fall – A No Win Situation

June is National Safety Month, which draws an important focus on workplace safety. The National Safety Council reports that slip and falls are the cause of more than 20 percent of all disabling injuries. Workers’ compensation and medical costs associated with these accidents cost approximately $70 billion per year. For an employer, it is crucial to mitigate the risks and costs of slip and fall injuries.

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