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School Safety Funding Opportunities

Are you an Indiana School looking to use or secure funds for school safety initiatives? Fire and building security along with school resource officers immediately come to mind. However, mental health safety continues to evolve, too. Fortunately, funds exist to support your efforts to create safe spaces for students at all educational levels. In this post, ITech Digital reviews some available funding options, important dates, regulations, and specific steps to address each.

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What's the Best Security Solution for School Safety?

For school teachers and administrators in today's world, student and staff safety is a top priority. However, school safety is limited when you have disparate systems, such as metal detectors, door security, and video surveillance. As a security solutions integrator, ITech Digital understands the importance of security systems integration. This article examines how you can integrate individual system components into one platform, which allows greater insight and enhanced safety measures. 

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Access Control - a 65 Year History

January 1952 
Frank Best, Founder and President of Best Lock Corporation, revealed a new Electro-Combination Lock/Alarm System at the Plant Maintenance & Engineering show. Frank Best was the inventor of the interchangeable core master keyed locking system. He realized early on that a keyless access control system, that allowed access management along with simple reprograming, was the future.

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The Power of the Maxxess Access Control Solution

At ITech Digital, we have developed a portfolio of products that are well-integrated and solutions that are essential to our customer's organizations.With this is mind, we are excited to add the Maxxess Access Control Solution to our portfolio of products.

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Increase College Campus Safety With a Simple – And Smart –  Combination of Video Surveillance and Access Control

College life can be invigorating – a diverse culture, new experiences and new freedoms – but it can be a challenging environment as well, with unique safety risks and concerns. Feeling safe on campus is a high priority for students, faculty, administrators and parents. And when campus safety breaches and tragedies hit the news, it can raise the level of concern and trigger a review of a college or university’s security technologies and protocols.

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4 Ways Building Access Control Systems Can Help Prevent Loss

Loss can creep into buildings and businesses in a variety of ways. One way to help prevent loss is to boost the safety and security of your building with an access control system.

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Create a Smarter System by Integrating Access Control with Video Surveillance

As technology progresses, so does the ability to integrate Video and Access Control – and in today’s world, it just makes sense to integrate these systems to enhance your surveillance needs.

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