Access Control - a 65 Year History

January 1952 
Frank Best, Founder and President of Best Lock Corporation, revealed a new Electro-Combination Lock/Alarm System at the Plant Maintenance & Engineering show. Frank Best was the inventor of the interchangeable core master keyed locking system. He realized early on that a keyless access control system, that allowed access management along with simple reprograming, was the future.

Access Control; A 65 year history


The Original Design
His original design provided up to three individual codes, door status alarm and battery back-up. This design sold for $350.00 per door, the equivalent of $2,300.00 today. Only 14 wires were needed. Installation could be done by the building owner in 8-10 hours.

Solution Features Available Today


  • IP/POS    
  • Audit Trail and Reports
  • Real-time emergency communication via text or email
  • Video integration  
  • Intrusion integration  
  • HVAC and building systems integration
  • Mobile App – Door Management    
  • Mobile App – Emergency Communication

* Solutions Frank Best offered in the original 1952 version

  • Keyless Entry *

  • Door Status Reporting *

  • Battery Back-up *



In Todays World?


We can run a single cat6 cable to the door controller and in 4-6 hours provide an IP Access control solution that provides real-time actionable data which can then be interfaced with other systems within the facility.

Much has changed in access control technology over the years, but the core solution is still about creating a safe and secure environment within your facilities.


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