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Rising Chargebacks and Their Impact on Your Restaurant's Bottom Line

Since early 2020, consumers have substantially increased their use of third-party delivery apps, such as Uber Eats and Grubhub, for online food orders. As online orders have increased, chargebacks have skyrocketed as a result. In fact, restaurant owners say chargebacks, which were traditionally at .5-1.0%, now range from 2.5-4.1%. 

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The Future of QSRs and Compliance

Restaurants and stores are finally opening again after a difficult 18-months for people and businesses alike. I couldn’t be happier to see the return of some sort of normalcy and hope the trend continues in a positive direction.  While at a conference recently, I got the opportunity to speak with several restaurant owners. And while their outlook is hopeful, many of them are jumping through new hoops because of the pandemic’s lingering effects.  

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Organized Retail Crime: What you need to know.

Shrink is an ever-present concern for most LP professionals. In the past, the focus has been on dishonest employees trying to score a little drug money, but times are changing and LP now has to deal with organizations that specialize in stealing for profit from retail and QSR organizations. Continue reading to learn what this could mean for your business.

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QSR Industry and the $15 Minimum Wage

Like many of you, my first real job was in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry while in High School, which was followed by 3 years in a fine dining establishment. I learned about responsibility, teamwork, money management, people management, quality vs quantity equation in business along with experiencing the joy of having my own money. These QSR and fine dining positions have played a key role in preparing adolescents with the skills needed for transitioning into the next level of their professional development, but what happens when positions meant for building skills are turned into long term careers? 


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Get to know our New Director of Field Services, Anita Hendricks

Passion is an important quality for every team member we choose to bring to ITech Digital. From the customized solutions we build to the installation experience we deliver, It takes a creative team of spirited, and security minded people to keep our company ranking as one of the nation’s leading security integrators. Because our solutions are responsible for securing and protecting hundreds of organizations and employees across the nation, it’s our responsibility to employ individuals that strengthen and embody the values of ITech Digital.

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Safety and Security Signage - Only half the answer.

We see these signs every day in all kinds of environments... or do we? Many times, these warnings become lost in the mirage of company advertising and décor. There's no question that companies should continue utilizing these safety tools, but it is important to recognize that signage is only half of the answer.

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Access Control - a 65 Year History

January 1952 
Frank Best, Founder and President of Best Lock Corporation, revealed a new Electro-Combination Lock/Alarm System at the Plant Maintenance & Engineering show. Frank Best was the inventor of the interchangeable core master keyed locking system. He realized early on that a keyless access control system, that allowed access management along with simple reprograming, was the future.

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ambit - Developing a culture of connectivity

Last month, we told you about the Maxxess Access Control solution — the dynamic, adaptive tool for single- or multi-facility organizations. When it is integrated with ambit, the Emergency Mobile Communication application, it provides a total mobile access control solution for any market segment.

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Positive Worship Experiences Begin with a Secure Environment

When a person enters a house of worship, they expect to be safe to practice their faith in an atmosphere of peace and reverence. But current world attitudes are creating many challenges to this expectation. It's common to see the news broadcast incidents of malicious graffiti marring the side of a country church or the destruction of valuable artifacts in a mosque or temple. Churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues must acknowledge that they could be the target of a hate crime and look for a way to deter perpetrators and protect their parishioners.

faith band.jpg
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The Power of the Maxxess Access Control Solution

At ITech Digital, we have developed a portfolio of products that are well-integrated and solutions that are essential to our customer's organizations.With this is mind, we are excited to add the Maxxess Access Control Solution to our portfolio of products.

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