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Easy Ways To Prevent Retail Theft

It's no secret that retail theft is exploding. Thieves are picking off items in transit before they even get to retail stores. Once they make it to store shelves, they continue to be at risk of theft by both internal and external sources. When it comes to retail theft in stores, prevention is key. Stopping potential theft is always better than addressing it afterward. In this post, ITech Digital covers a couple of easy ways to prevent retail theft.

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Video Surveillance And Analytics Optimizes Retail Operations For 2022

When it comes to the term “video surveillance”, the first thought that comes to mind for many of us is that of security and visibility of theft. While crime prevention is undoubtedly a wise investment when retail theft is increasing across the country, is there more to the investment of video surveillance for retail than just crime prevention? And how can retailers maximize the ROI of their security camera investments?  

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Four Types Of Retail Theft And How To Solve Them

One of our more popular retail theft posts from 2015 covers 4 main pain points for store owners and how to address them. From POS theft to inventory shrinkage to slip and fall cases, each threat poses significant loss for retail stores and should not be ignored. This year, our team at ITech Digital wanted to review  these areas and also present possible solutions for retailers to consider in 2022. 

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Top 3 Retail Security Issues and Retail Security Solutions

When it comes to retail loss prevention, some traditional security issues continue to exist as well as emerging retail security issues. At Itech Digital, our retail customers in Indiana and across the U.S. talk about the evolving security issues they face. The good news is that technology is also evolving, which is innovating video surveillance and analytics solutions, creating a convergence between IT and physical security, and positioning you, as a retailer,  to proactively protect your business, product, and customers. In this article, we discuss the myriad retail security issues and the best retail security solutions. 

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Organized Crime & Retail Loss Prevention: What's Happening in Indiana?

At ITech Digital, we've noticed a concerning trend in retail crime. In fact, we posted about organized retail crime back in 2018. Since then, things have only escalated. Today, organized retail crime is at an all-time high and many store owners wonder what to do to prevent loss and protect their staff and customers. In this article, we offer some suggestions. 

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Organized Retail Crime: What you need to know.

Shrink is an ever-present concern for most LP professionals. In the past, the focus has been on dishonest employees trying to score a little drug money, but times are changing and LP now has to deal with organizations that specialize in stealing for profit from retail and QSR organizations. Continue reading to learn what this could mean for your business.

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Tackling the Problem of Shoplifting and Retail Shrink

As an owner, general manager, or store manager, shrink and shoplifting within your retail establishment can be an area of concern. No matter which way it occurs, whether a customer or employee, theft hurts. It affects your bottom line, and it’s frustrating when you can’t pinpoint the source.

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Four Big Issues in Retail Security - And Their Solutions

Cash registers, open back doors, slip and falls - stores can pose several retail security threats and issues. The good news is that there is great technology and several precautions you can take to protect your business, product, and customers.

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3 Ways Retailers can Maximize Their CCTV Systems for Loss Prevention

CCTV Systems have long been a powerful weapon in the retail battle to prevent loss and limit liability. Here are 3 ways to get the most out of your Video Surveillance system.


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