Four Types Of Retail Theft And How To Solve Them

One of our more popular retail theft posts from 2015 covers 4 main pain points for store owners and how to address them. From POS theft to inventory shrinkage to slip and fall cases, each threat poses significant loss for retail stores and should not be ignored. This year, our team at ITech Digital wanted to review  these areas and also present possible solutions for retailers to consider in 2022. 


1. Point of Sale (POS) Theft and Shrink

Theft and shoplifting are threats store owners are all-too accustomed to facing in the form of stolen cash at the register, invalid or voided transactions or product mysteriously leaving through the back doors. In 2021, retailers are seeing a more violent wave of these sorts or crimes among increasing shrinkage.


Solution: Video surveillance at the point of sale

With the proper Point-of-Sale Integration of security cameras, the visual and the data behind each transaction come together to tell a much more accurate story for the loss prevention team. Customized alerts can call an issue to your attention quickly and easily before significant loss happens.


2. Retail Theft After Hours

Cameras are excellent at keeping eyes on your store and inventory when you or your team aren't looking, but what about the end of the day when stores are closed and no one is physically in the building or with the product. To criminals, an empty store or back room is an excellent opportunity.


Solution: Door monitoring  systems and access control


By utilizing custom door alarms, you can be notified if a door is open too long. By integrating Access Control, retail stores can designate certain doors to only be opened by employees at certain times. If the doors are accessed off-hours, an alarm is triggered to notify the owner immediately. 


3. Theft from the back door during business hours

Your back door is at risk throughout the day and night whether your store is opened or closed. In fact, the back door is especially at risk during business hours when employees are leaving the door open for breaks or if they simply know the back door is unlocked and left unattended during certain business hours. 


Solution: Door monitoring systems and video surveillance


Door monitoring alarm systems alone can alert you when doors have been propped open too long or if the doors are opened during unscheduled times. Adding video surveillance gives you a clearer picture and allows you to monitor everything that happens once a door is opened. 


4. Retail slip and fall claims

Retail stores are targeted for slip and fall liability claims and many are not prepared to defend themselves over an incident. Don't wait until a $30,000+ claim is presented to your store to do something about it.


Solution: Video surveillance cameras installed at entryways, public drinking fountains and other strategic locations


As we say, a picture says a thousand works and video says a little bit more. By placing video surveillance cameras at strategic locations where the floors might be wet at times is the best way to defend against a fraudulent claim. 360° camera technology can help in this area as well with it's broad coverage area.


Integrated security solutions help reduce shoplifting and shrinkage

Innovative approaches to retail security can help retailers reduce shrink and shoplifting. An integrated security solution of access control, video surveillance, door monitoring and more can help create peace of mind with employees and customers alike by providing a clearer picture of daily operations. To learn more about integrated security to help you prevent retail theft, contact us online for a free site survey!

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