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5 Ways To Use Video Surveillance To Improve Your Business

Contrary to popular belief, video surveillance isn't just a preferred method of security. By incorporating analytics into video surveillance measures, business owners can get a clear picture of their stores in real-time. This information provides them a way to operate more efficiently and make smarter decisions about their businesses. In this article, ITech Digital discusses 5 ways that restaurant and store owners can use video surveillance analytics to improve their businesses.

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4 Reasons To Update Your Commercial Video Surveillance

The best security solutions perform well with little or no downtime. Functionally, they deliver fast, accurate results for investigations and provide business insights that maximize operations. In addition, video surveillance solutions and access control help employees and customers to feel safe while potentially diverting would-be criminals. ITech Digital sees technological innovations changing the security solution landscape, which is why we're covering the top four reasons to update outdated commercial security solutions. 

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QSR's Use Restaurant Surveillance, Data Analytics To Innovate

As the Food & Beverage industry continues to reel from COVID-related labor and supply chain shortages, some Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) know they must innovate or fold. At ITech Digital, we've watched some of our QSR clients develop strategies to reduce risk in these areas. At the same time, these same strategies proactively maximize revenue and catalyze operational efficiency. How? Digitalization, which includes video surveillance and data analytics, is one of the main weapons in their arsenal. This article explains what digitalization is and how you can use it to innovate.

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ambit - Developing a culture of connectivity

Last month, we told you about the Maxxess Access Control solution — the dynamic, adaptive tool for single- or multi-facility organizations. When it is integrated with ambit, the Emergency Mobile Communication application, it provides a total mobile access control solution for any market segment.

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Customer Support Makes a Difference at ITech Digital

"Wow! I'm surprised that a person is actually answering the phone and not voice mail!"

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Increase Warehouse Efficiency with Security Technology

Warehouse facilities often depend on video security to help maintain a safe working environment, keep an eye on inbound and outbound inventory and staff, monitor processes, and enhance access control. But have you considered how your security systems could help improve operations as well?

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Why Video Surveillance is a Powerful QSR Analytics and Business Intelligence Tool

Your video surveillance system is creating a safer and more secure business environment But what else can it do? Have you thought about how to add greater value to your system?

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Selecting the Best Video Surveillance System for Your School

In recent years, campus security has become one of the highest priorities for schools around the nation. Whether you’re the security director for your school district, the superintendent, or the principal, your top concern is likely the same: keeping your students and staff safe.

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Revolutionize Quality Control in Your Restaurant

How franchise owners are re-tasking their surveillance systems to ensure a quality service.


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