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Summertime Risks for Commercial Property Landlords

Before the season heats up, landlords should be aware of the risks to commercial properties that come with summertime. This season is when criminals are more likely to strike, as people are spending more time outdoors and in commercial areas. ITech Digital holds expertise in securing commercial properties and will break down some ways to secure your property from summer crime.

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Security and Communication: Two Critical Pillars of Safer Schools

In today's world, schools must be prepared for any number of emergencies. From active shooters to increasing violence, administrators must be able to quickly and effectively respond to any crisis. And while installing hardware-based security solutions, such as metal detectors or panic buttons, may seem like a no-brainer, it is just as important to focus on the role of communication in safety. After all, security and communication are two critical pillars of safer schools. In this article, ITech Digital covers the importance of communication in an emergency response management plan. 

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Secure Equipment Act Bans Major Chinese Security Products

The U.S. Senate passed the Secure Equipment Act in a unanimous vote this week. The vote positions the FCC to ban approvals of devices with radio frequency, which present national security risks. The manufacturers include the same list referenced in the 2019 NDAA: Dahua, Hikvision, Huawei, ZTE Corporation, and Hytera Communications Corporation, along with their subsidiaries and affiliates. This impacts more than 100 million video surveillance devices in the U.S. ITech Digital wants you to know the risk and alternatives to protect your business. 

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School Safety Funding Opportunities

Are you an Indiana School looking to use or secure funds for school safety initiatives? Fire and building security along with school resource officers immediately come to mind. However, mental health safety continues to evolve, too. Fortunately, funds exist to support your efforts to create safe spaces for students at all educational levels. In this post, ITech Digital reviews some available funding options, important dates, regulations, and specific steps to address each.

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What's the Best Security Solution for School Safety?

For school teachers and administrators in today's world, student and staff safety is a top priority. However, school safety is limited when you have disparate systems, such as metal detectors, door security, and video surveillance. As a security solutions integrator, ITech Digital understands the importance of security systems integration. This article examines how you can integrate individual system components into one platform, which allows greater insight and enhanced safety measures. 

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How Video Surveillance Analytics Support Your Business

Video surveillance is only as good as your use of it. Anyone who works in loss prevention manages a small-box retail store or QSR or ensures school safety understands the tedious task of reviewing videos to find an incident. Enter video analytics software. Video analytics makes search more manageable, streamlines processes, and provides data insights that optimize operations. In this post, ITech Digital explores current video analytics technology and how you can use it to support your organization. 

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QSR's Use Restaurant Surveillance, Data Analytics To Innovate

As the Food & Beverage industry continues to reel from COVID-related labor and supply chain shortages, some Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) know they must innovate or fold. At ITech Digital, we've watched some of our QSR clients develop strategies to reduce risk in these areas. At the same time, these same strategies proactively maximize revenue and catalyze operational efficiency. How? Digitalization, which includes video surveillance and data analytics, is one of the main weapons in their arsenal. This article explains what digitalization is and how you can use it to innovate.

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Chuck McCormick to speak at the upcoming Education Sector Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University

Sharing his knowledge of physical security and security technologies is no new feat for Chuck McCormick, the Director of Sales Engineering at ITech Digital. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, and as a board certified Physical Security Professional, Chuck is a fountain of information for organizations seeking to improve their understanding of physical security and security technologies. He plans to do just that at the upcoming Education Sector Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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ITech Digital Forms New Partnership with OpenEye in 2018 

ITech Digital is pleased to announce our newest product partnership with OpenEye, a leading U.S. based provider of cloud management video surveillance solutions. OpenEye is based in Liberty Lake, Washington. 

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