School Safety Funding Opportunities

Are you an Indiana School looking to use or secure funds for school safety initiatives? Fire and building security along with school resource officers immediately come to mind. However, mental health safety continues to evolve, too. Fortunately, funds exist to support your efforts to create safe spaces for students at all educational levels. In this post, ITech Digital reviews some available funding options, important dates, regulations, and specific steps to address each.

School Safety Funding Opportunities


Indiana School Safety Grant Program

This fund offers matching grants to school corporations, accredited non-public schools, charter schools, or a combination/partnership of these groups. Those who apply to receive funds should designate planning for one of the following initiatives:

  1. Employing school resources officers.
  2. Conducting a threat assessment.
  3. Purchasing Access Control, Video Surveillance, First Responder Notifications, and similar items.
  4. Training for firearms.
  5. Implementing student and parent support programs. 


Important Note: Threat Assessments had a due date of June 21, 2021, if you were awarded matching funds for FY2022. If you haven't completed one yet, please contact us to talk about our threat assessments. 


Indiana Common School Fund

Access this fund to request an advance of ISSG funds. When applying, you must validate that funds will be used toward capital improvements or purchasing equipment for access control, first responder communication/notification, and general school security and safety (HEA 1230 & Inc. Code 20-49-10-5(a).


Indiana Family & Social Services Administration Funding Opportunities

These funding opportunities exist to support programs that provide mental health and addiction treatment. The page lists multiple funding opportunities, as well as dates and links to applications. 


Indiana Criminal Justice Institute Safe Haven Schools

Funding is closed for this year, so you'll have to check back when it reopens. These funds typically support programs focusing on alcohol, tobacco use, and bullying. 


U.S. Department of Justice School Violence Prevention

This fund supports evidence-based school safety programs in Indiana schools. Funds are good for 36 months. Some of the items it covers include:


  • Metal detectors, access control, lighting, and other measures. 
  • Camera technology (and other types) that expedites notification and communication in regard to emergency situations. 
  • Any significant security improvement. 
  • The development, deployment, and use of anonymous reporting systems
  • Specialized mental health crisis training for school officials.
  • Violence prevention training for school staff and students. 


U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant Opportunities

BJA provides formula grants that build safe communities, including faith-based and nonprofit initiatives. Check out the BJA Funding page to see what opportunities exist. 


U.S. Department of Justice Grant Opportunities

The DoJ offers funding opportunities to support law enforcement and partners to support victims of crime and provide training and technical assistance.


U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services Grant Programs

Grants, technical assistance, and resources are available to help school resource officers maintain community and school security


The National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA)

The U.S. Congress passed the NDAA in August 2018. In it, section 889 prohibits certain telecommunications, video surveillance equipment, and services originating from the People's Republic of China (PRC). Specifically, five Chinese companies are named:

  • Hikvision
  • Dahua
  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • Hytera


What does this mean for schools? The law prohibits using federal dollars (grant money) to fund these items. This specific section went into effect in August 2020. Therefore, school officials should ensure they aren't currently using or planning to purchase security equipment from these manufacturers. 


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ITech Digital works with schools in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky to enhance school safety through customized security solutions. Our vendors don't use banned companies or products as we take both school security and national security seriously. If you have grant funds you haven't used, have questions, or would like to discuss a threat assessment, contact us online or call us at (866) 733-6673.

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