What's the Best Security Solution for School Safety?

For school teachers and administrators in today's world, student and staff safety is a top priority. However, school safety is limited when you have disparate systems, such as metal detectors, door security, and video surveillance. As a security solutions integrator, ITech Digital understands the importance of security systems integration. This article examines how you can integrate individual system components into one platform, which allows greater insight and enhanced safety measures. 

What's the Best Security Solution for School Safety?


Metal Detectors

Like many of today's topics, metal detectors are a source of debate. In terms of efficacy, studies seem to illustrate that metal detectors don't actually thwart violence or even detect weapons. Not only that, but students report feeling less safe in schools with metal detectors. Since mental health issues, especially among young people, are on the rise, it's important that schools take measures to create a sense of safety as opposed to contributing toward anxiety. And even if metal detectors do catch weapons, they only mitigate the risk of one type of threat in a somewhat reactive way.  


Access Control and Perimeter Security

Metal detectors don't catch people forcing entry at a side door or allowed in by a student. However, access control can send immediate notifications if and when this occurs. Where access control really comes through is when it's integrated with other security solutions, such as video surveillance.


Imagine the following scenario: a student opens a side door letting in a stranger or accomplice with bad intentions. However, the system immediately recognizes the event, captures video, and sends a notification to the right faculty member in real-time. The real-time alert indicates a breached access point with HD video footage and allows staff to execute its emergency response plan. 


Many schools capture video in hallways and parking lots but doors and other areas should be surveilled, as well. Moreover, basic access control doesn't provide adequate protection. Robust access control integrated with video verification and real-time notifications really amplify school safety and security measures. 


Video Badging

Many schools now require students, staff, and visitors to wear identification badges. Did you know ID badges can integrate with access control and video surveillance? Some schools color-code the badges to differentiate between students, staff, and visitors. Each badge color can be assigned to a certain level of access. Swiping badges allows staff and administration to know who is in what area at all times. Video integration shows you whether badges are used by people with appropriate access.


Video Surveillance 

HD/IP security cameras record high-quality video footage that provides detailed insight into safety events. When integrated with other security solutions, such as access control or metal detectors, they work together to deliver a more holistic security solution. Today's security cameras come with data analytics that allows you to monitor and track all kinds of things, such as kids lingering in the halls or on school grounds after hours, what started a fight, and even whether COVID-19 protocols are being followed. 


Real-Time Mobile Notifications

We've already covered notifications. Still, it's important to note that incidents occur overnights and on weekends when no one is at school, too. IN the event this occurs, real-time notifications go directly to your email or mobile device to review the video and determine how to respond. 


Schedule a Complimentary School Safety Survey

Every school has different needs. At the same time, each school wants to implement systems and physical security measures that proactively and adequately address threats. Integrating appropriate security solutions that meet your school's unique needs goes hand-in-hand with designing and executing safety plans. Executing these methods well enhances school safety without adding to student and staff anxiety. When your school security initiatives function as they should, you create a safe, welcoming, learning environment. contact us online  at 866-733-6673 to schedule a free school site survey. 



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