How Video Surveillance Analytics Support Your Business

Video surveillance is only as good as your use of it. Anyone who works in loss prevention manages a small-box retail store or QSR or ensures school safety understands the tedious task of reviewing videos to find an incident. Enter video analytics software. Video analytics makes search more manageable, streamlines processes, and provides data insights that optimize operations. In this post, ITech Digital explores current video analytics technology and how you can use it to support your organization. 


How Video Analytics Support Your Business


What Is Video Analytics?

Video analytics report data captured on video according to pre-defined criteria and analyze its findings (or allow you to do so). After all, no one has the bandwidth to review endless hours of video surveillance footage. You can identify what events trigger an incident and program the system to notify you immediately with video analytics.  In addition to incident reporting, video analytics also help you operate more efficiently and find the data/incident you need faster, which you'll discover as you keep reading.


How Does Video Analytics Software Work?

Video analytics software comes pre-installed on IP security cameras, on your network video recorder (NVR), or purchased separately as third-party software. No matter its source, analytic security software is designed to perform the same way. Specifically, it captures video, stores it, and allows you to easily search the footage, receive notifications, and report on the recorded data. Each manufacturer may offer nuanced versions, but they are all designed to operate similarly. As a commercial security solutions integrator, we work with various vendors to find the best fit for you. For your part, you simply identify what data you want to identify and report, and we'll do the rest. 


What Types of Organizations Use Video Analytics

Nearly every industry and organization operating as a brick and mortar can benefit from video surveillance and analytics. ITech Digital specializes in:



What Metrics Do Organizations  Capture With Video Analytics?

Video analytics software comes with many features that integrate with any surveillance security system. This means you get a scalable solution that works for a small storefront up to a multi-campus organization. Moreover, this means the software is flexible enough to customize to your specific needs. Even better, surveillance never falls asleep on the job, which means it protects your business even when you aren't there and informs you when something goes wrong. 


Use this list to get a better idea of how some of our customers utilize their video surveillance analytics:


  • Detect motion occurring after regular business hours and notify you immediately. 
  • Recognize faces and easily read license plates.
  • Monitor dwell time and count people in specific areas. 
  • Send notifications during long lines, wait times, and unauthorized transactions.
  • Perform smart searches to pinpoint video and specific incidents.
  • Much more. 


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