Chuck McCormick to speak at the upcoming Education Sector Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University

Sharing his knowledge of physical security and security technologies is no new feat for Chuck McCormick, the Director of Sales Engineering at ITech Digital. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, and as a board certified Physical Security Professional, Chuck is a fountain of information for organizations seeking to improve their understanding of physical security and security technologies. He plans to do just that at the upcoming Education Sector Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University.As a member of InfraGard, an organizational partnership between the FBI and private sector, Chuck will speak to all attending education professionals at the Education Sector Conference in a segment known as “Physically Securing your Environment” at Indiana Wesleyan University this September. The primary focus of this conference is on physical security in K-12 environments.

Events such as the upcoming Education Conference provide our leaders in the education industry with valuable knowledge and resources to better prepare for, understand and implement the necessary changes to keep our schools safe. As with any complex issue, customized solutions are an integral part of solving the problem. According to Chuck, “You wouldn’t trust a doctor to diagnose your condition without knowing all of your symptoms, and running tests to accurately treat you.. so why should any organization trust a single product for their security without understanding all of the risks that are threatening it?” Comprehensive assessments combined with the technology advancements in Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Alarm and Mobile Emergency Communications help us to achieve the best possible solutions for the desired level of security for any organization as we can identify all of the problem areas and address them accordingly.

There are a multitude of threats that must be considered when it comes to the security and safety of our children, teachers and administrators in our school systems. Each pain point must be assessed and a solution customized from that assessment in order to achieve the maximum level of security for that organization. These are just a few topics Chuck plans to speak on in September at the Education Sector Conference. In the meantime, Chuck will continue to provide his services for Security Assessments as needed through ITech Digital.


With so many technology options available on the market today, a great place to start is with a holistic security assessment. This provides you with a comprehensive evaluation and a written report that becomes your roadmap to enhancing your overall security. 



2018 ASIS GSX  Chuck McCormick Security  2018 ASIS GSX  Chuck McCormick Security

Above: Chuck McCormick speaks alongside associates on a 4 person panel at the 2018 ASIS GSX- School Safety and Security conference. The panel drew quite a crowd as they answered questions from the audience regarding the security issues facing our schools today.


Nicole Davis

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