Security and Communication: Two Critical Pillars of Safer Schools

In today's world, schools must be prepared for any number of emergencies. From active shooters to increasing violence, administrators must be able to quickly and effectively respond to any crisis. And while installing hardware-based security solutions, such as metal detectors or panic buttons, may seem like a no-brainer, it is just as important to focus on the role of communication in safety. After all, security and communication are two critical pillars of safer schools. In this article, ITech Digital covers the importance of communication in an emergency response management plan. 


Security and Communication two pillars of safer schools

Is Your School's Security System Enough? Start With Communication.

In the wake of recent tragedies, many schools are re-evaluating their security measures. While some districts have opted to install metal detectors and other hardware deterrents, others are turning to technology-based solutions like video surveillance and access control. But what is the best way to make our schools safe? And how can we be sure that our school security and surveillance measures are working properly?


At the heart of any successful emergency response plan is effective communication. With integrated security solutions such as video surveillance, access control, gunshot detection, and coordinated response software, school decision-makers can improve communication before, during, and after an emergency situation.


Communication Is Essential During A School Crisis

No security and threat measurement is foolproof, and even the best school security solution may not be enough to prevent every possible emergency. However, better communication improves response time and coordination between staff, students, and law enforcement. Security technologies, such as video surveillance and access control systems, can help us to do just that.


Security Technology Improves Communication During Critical Events

By installing integrated security solutions, schools can improve communication between staff, law enforcement, and parents, ensuring that everyone is safe and aware of what is happening. Whether it's a false alarm or another type of emergency, properly integrated security solutions provide the necessary tools for effective and timely communication, making schools safer for everyone.


Video surveillance systems provide live or recorded footage of an emergency situation, which school administrators can use to assess the situation and make decisions about how to respond. Beyond communication, cameras also serve as a natural deterrent to crime. Access control systems restrict access to certain areas of the school, preventing unauthorized people from entering the building.


Keep Communication and Security In Mind To Create A Safe, Secure Environment 

With these integrated security solutions, schools can better prepare themselves for any event. Whether it's a false alarm or another type of crisis, these security technologies are critical tools in helping to respond quickly and effectively, keeping schools safe for everyone.


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