Protect Your Assets From Improper Access With Card Readers

Businesses are under constant threat of unauthorized access and loss. In order to protect their assets, businesses need to make sure their doors are safe. However, security systems can be expensive, and many businesses lack the funds to invest in what they need. As a result, many owners must make the difficult decision between investing in a security system or leaving their doors vulnerable. Fortunately, ITech Digital offers a variety of affordable security solutions that can help businesses protect their assets without breaking the bank. 



Reliable Card Access Systems Offer Peace of Mind

Card access security systems use a card reader to scan a pre-programmed card that provides specific access privileges. This system is more secure than traditional key-based systems because cards can be revoked or edited without having to re-key the entire system. These access control security systems provide affordable and effective solutions for any business looking to keep their doors secured.

Card access control offers several benefits:

  • Keeps your doors safe and secure.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reliable and reportable.


Plus the cost is affordable when you consider how much money can be lost due to unauthorized entry into businesses during break-ins or other criminal activity!



Access Control Security Offers Scalability 

Badge card readers can be integrated with existing security equipment or equipment installed in the future to create a more customized and powerful security solution as your needs change. For example, by combining card access readers with video surveillance, businesses can see who is coming and going at all times. This information can be used to improve security protocols and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, badge card readers can be used in conjunction with security alarm systems. If an unauthorized person tries to enter a building, the alarm will sound and the person will be caught on camera. This type of security system is highly effective in deterring crime and keeping people safe.


Card Readers Provide Backdoor Management

At ITech Digital, we understand the importance of keeping your brick-and-mortar business safe. We offer a wide range of card access control security systems to meet your needs that are reliable and easy to use. Our office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we happily serve the surrounding states as well as all 48 contingent states with security solutions such as video surveillance, access control, and security cameras. For more information, call us at 317-567-5160 or contact us online .

ITech Digital
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