Positive Worship Experiences Begin with a Secure Environment

When a person enters a house of worship, they expect to be safe to practice their faith in an atmosphere of peace and reverence. But current world attitudes are creating many challenges to this expectation. It's common to see the news broadcast incidents of malicious graffiti marring the side of a country church or the destruction of valuable artifacts in a mosque or temple. Churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues must acknowledge that they could be the target of a hate crime and look for a way to deter perpetrators and protect their parishioners.

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Expanded services means expanded security solutions

In addition, places of worship are expanding their services by adding schools, day care centers, and recreation facilities. Since many of the ministry workers are volunteers, including an amazing 85% of those involved in children's ministry, the need for integrated security systems to safeguard their children and employees as they learn and worship is even more important. A video audit

trail can assure the leadership of these organizations that they are protected from false accusations and potential lawsuits. This integration of video surveillance and access control by ITech Digital, not only serves as an effective deterrent, but also provides valuable evidence for authorities, if incidents do occur. Expanding video surveillance to the exterior of the building and parking lots deters vandals and monitors activity on the outside.


The times are changing

Spiritual leaders have struggled to find a balance between sanctity and security in these holy gathering places. A well-designed, integrated security solution can provide both. Contact ITech Digital for a complimentary evaluation and survey of your specific needs.                                                                                                                

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