Reduce Retail Shrink With Back Door Management

If you're like most small-box retailers or quick-service restaurants, you might be surprised at the amount of shrink happening at your back door. In fact, the back door presents one of the most significant risks to your store's security. If you're concerned about loss risk at an unmonitored or poorly monitored back door, ITech Digital can help you identify and mitigate risk with our Stand-A-Lone Back Door Management Solution.




Back Door Is a Leading Cause of Shrink

According to the National Retail Federation, "The back door is the No. two cause of shrink for retailers and restaurants after employee theft." That's a pretty significant statement, and it doesn't consider all of the small businesses that don't report their losses.


Is Your Business at Risk?

Are you unsure if your store is affected by backdoor shrink? These things increase the risk:

  • Employees taking breaks and leaving the back door open.
  • Allowing customers or delivery people easy access to the back door.
  • Enabling employees or vendors to open the back door during off-hours.
  • Keeping the back door unlocked during regular business hours. 


If any of these scenarios apply, your store is at risk of backdoor shrink.


Now, you might be thinking it's too much of a challenge to monitor the back door at all times, even though it's a vulnerable area. However, we have an easy solution


Real-Time Visibility & Reduced Shrink

The Stand-A-Lone Backdoor Management Solution from ITech Digital provides cloud-based video surveillance with real-time alerts. Real-time alerts mean you get notified via text or email right when an incident happens. Moreover, we can customize the system to address and capture your specific risk events. For instance, we can customize the system to identify when someone props open the door or when the door opens during certain overnight hours. Then, we set alerts to notify you when these events occur immediately.


This solution also gives you real-time access to live video footage of any activity at the back door. In other words, you can remotely access and view live video footage while you're at home or away on business. Finally, the solution improves incident reporting and shortens the time it takes to perform investigations. 


Security Solutions For Restaurants and Retail Across the U.S.

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Stop Retail Shrink With Back Door Access Management Solution
Back doors are often unmonitored, easy ways SHRINK for QSR and Small Box Retail. Learn how to protect your business today!

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