3 Signs You Should Invest In System Support in 2018

Are support plans for video surveillance necessary? Does your business benefit from system support?

Where is the value in maintenance plans? Let's find out.


Behind the scenes 

There are many connections required behind the scenes and tons of data that is constantly being transmitted when it comes to surveillance systems. System errors, although not frequent, are inevitable as systems get older. Whether you have camera outages, server connectivity issues, or product malfunctions- Technical Support professionals are trained to assist you in solving these issues in a timely manner. The last thing your business needs is a camera outage or connectivity issues that take several days to resolve. The purpose of maintenance and support programs are to eliminate system related stress before it begins. 



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3 Signs your business will benefit from having a maintenance plan.
1. Your equipment is experiencing an increasing amount of errors as it gets older.
2. Camera System outages are becoming more frequent.

3. A lack of monitoring has caused camera errors to go unresolved for extended periods of time.

What should your system support be doing?

If your surveillance systems' support team doesn’t address your issues within 24-hours of an error being reported, it may be time to look elsewhere for your system maintenance and support. The longer your issues last, the more money it’s costing your business. While there may be some exceptions to the rule, the common guideline for Technical Support is a 24-hour response timeframe.  

System Health monitoring is the major factor in the upkeep of your surveillance system. 24/7 health monitoring ensures that your system is constantly performing at the highest industry standard. Often, we see facilities installing camera systems without support programs, but neglect to check the system’s status on a regular basis. Failure to check your cameras can lead to extended outages and errors within your system, costing your business time and money. By alerting you to system or connectivity errors as they occur, health monitoring eliminates the need for a business employee or manager to continuously check that the camera system is in good standing.

ITech Digital offers complimentary system health monitoring with every system we install at no cost to you.

What happens when you fail to monitor your camera systems? Neglecting these tools can wind up shaming your organization.

Click here to see learn how one Georgia school district learned this the hard way.


Biggest Complaints about System Support 
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A popular complaint regarding system support in the age of technology...is technology. Often customers are sent to automated systems and placed on long holds before ever reaching a real person. When this occurs, not only do you spend more time with down systems, but you waste valuable time and energy that could be spent resolving the issue. At ITech Digital, we chose to do things differently. Our technical support team is comprised of real professional’s eager to assist you with the solutions you need. That means real people, having real conversations, every time.


System Maintenance

Just like most machines, if you take care of your system, your system will take care of you. Routine maintenance and upkeep is the best way to care for and protect your system. Regular system maintenance is vital in sustaining high performance and longevity. If you want to get the most out of the surveillance system you've installed, system support & maintenance plans are your best bet.


If your business doesn’t currently utilize system maintenance plans, or you are unhappy with your current plan - we have something that will help. Click the button below to start protecting your system.

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