The Ultimate Selfie: Surveillance

The record breaking re-tweeted Oscars selfie has us thinking, surveillance cameras are just like selfies for your business. Am I right? Like any posed out shot of yourself, surveillance cameras display what business owners want to see most in their business. And like selfies, this means capturing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are a few humorous, yet true ways that surveillance cameras really are the ultimate selfie of your business:


  1. If only my arm was longer!” Like any carefully angled and distanced selfie, surveillance cameras are placed in strategic locations throughout businesses in order to get the best footage. Whether it’s at arms-length or much further back, surveillance cameras at the perfect angle and distance will help owners get the best views of their businesses.


  1.  “Smile!” “Duck Lips!”  Whatever face you make while snapping that photo of yourself, remember that the activity in a retail or restaurant business is showing that and more to the surveillance cameras. Owners can quickly review video to identify persons of interest for an insurance claim, theft, POS transaction and much more.


  1. “Look what I can do!” Selfies don’t lie and neither does surveillance. No matter what you are trying to convey to others in your selfie, surveillance always conveys the black and white truth. As an effective solution to monitor suspicious behavior, surveillance makes dishonest employees and customers think twice.


Next time you want to take a selfie, why not stop by your favorite restaurant or retail location? You can be assured that surveillance cameras will capture you chowing down your favorite food (#delicious) or purchasing the ultimate outfit (#killer).


For more information on how to take the ultimate selfie of your business, contact iTech Digital!

Ashley Schalk
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