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If you’ve been looking at video surveillance options recently, you’ve probably seen references to the "Edge." New technology can also often mean new questions:  What is the Edge? Can I fall off?  You mean the guitarist for U2? Not only are Edge Solutions not dangerous, they might just be perfect for your next video surveillance project.  Read on for a brief overview of this exciting technology.



What is the Edge?

Network (IP) cameras are actually mini computers with their own processors and memory. They exist at the “edge” of the installation, hence the name.  Any smart device not centrally located is an Edge device. Other Edge devices include encoders, sensors and IO modules.


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Why is it different than what I have now?

First, a little background. Traditional video surveillance systems stream video from the camera over cable to a central recording server, either a DVR (analog cameras) or NVR (IP cameras). The DVR/NVR is the brains of the operation, storing all data, video and settings, but do you really need one?


Coupling IP cameras with advancements in flash storage media yield a self-contained video surveillance solution.  Now, the camera is the NVR.  Video is captured, processed, stored and served out all by the camera. Because the video is recorded to the camera itself, you only use network bandwidth when you are actively viewing cameras, keeping IT happy.



Is it hard to use?

You use popular client software to access your live and recorded video over your local network or the internet.  This is the same client software that can be used to view PC based DVRs/NVRs. Since the interface and controls are the same, you may not  know if you are accessing a PC based NVR or an Edge Solution camera.



Where is it applicable?

Edge Solutions can be used anywhere, but they are best suited to installations of 4 or fewer cameras. They are perfect for small retail, restaurants and kiosks.  Standalone offices and server rooms where only a single camera is needed are ideal.  You can also use them in large installations where there is an existing network, eliminating the need for running new cables.



What are the benefits of Edge solutions?

  • Cost effective -Fewer hardware components lower the costs. They are especially effective where lower camera counts are desired (typically 4 or less). Prices start at just $1395 for indoor solutions.
  • Picture quality - Edge solutions offer the same HD quality video you expect from IP cameras.
  • Robust - no single point of failure and nothing for the bad guys to steal.
  • Easy to use - Edge solutions use some of the most popular VMS client software. You get a full VMS experience without the box.
  • Save space and power - NO NVR or DVR means more room in your office and lower power bills.
  • Real Options - IR, Indoor/ Outdoor / Vandal, we have you covered.


Click here to learn more about which edge solutions are right for you.

Matt Craig
Matt Craig is the Technology Development Manager at iTech Digital. He works with our security solutions installation and support team to build partnerships with customer IT departments.
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