5 Reasons NOT to Have a Surveillance System

From restaurants to retail stores, surveillance is in nearly all businesses today. Still, it doesn’t hurt to wonder, why do we need cameras?  Whether or not you have a surveillance system in place, here are a few reasons why anyone would want to steer clear of installing an effective security solution in a business:

  1. Looking forward to theft. After all, a store that is monitored 24/7 deters theft and vandalism- where’s the fun in that?
  2. Free inventory for everyone. Everyone likes freebies and without a surveillance system, you’re sure to give away a lot of them. See ya later, bottom line!
  3. POS is a playground. No POS integration means your cash registers will be wide open for business (aka voids, returns and comps). I’ll take a $20, cha-ching!
  4. BFF with the Insurance Claims Company. Without video verification, expect more slip & falls and injuries. Your insurance company will surely get a kick out of those premium increases.
  5. Take your time service. Who needs fast, efficient service? No drive-thru cameras or monitors means out of sight, out of mind.


So there you have it, 5 reasons why surveillance isn’t necessary. If, however, you’re not o.k. with all of the activities outlined above, then you’ve come to the right place. Our surveillance solutions will never have you second guessing the need for surveillance in your restaurant or retail location. For more information on how to mitigate theft, cash mishandling, insurance claims and increase the productivity and profitability in your business, contact iTech Digital. 

Ashley Schalk
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