Do-It-Yourself Surveillance: Don’t Do It!

If you’ve ever been involved in a DIY project, then you’re likely familiar with going over time deadlines and way over budget. The same is true with DIY surveillance. If you’re considering self-installing your own surveillance system, there are many reasons to reevaluate. Important drawbacks to consider include:


Time: Whether you are an owner/operator, manager, or even an employee, your time is valuable to day-to-day business. Installing a surveillance system is a labor intensive and a distraction from your primary job responsibilities.


Cost: Surveillance installations can require specialty tools that you may not have handy, including ladders, lifts, drills, crimps etc. Investment in this equipment is costly and you may never need to use it again.


Accidents: Drilling into the wrong location can cause damages to your walls, ceiling and building. The repairs for damages can significantly add to the cost of the self-install. Accidents also mean injuries. Without proper safety training, pulling cable through ceilings and climbing ladders can be dangerous.


Quality: DIY equipment is often lower quality with inexpensive components. This means that the equipment is more prone to failure in difficult environments.


Lack of Expertise: Thinking through camera placement is crucial to a successful install. The wrong camera type and/or the wrong location will yield an ineffective surveillance system.


Maintenance: It is important to factor in the value of long term service and support. Surveillance systems require management of your network configuration, operation of hardware and software, troubleshooting and replacement equipment.


Consistency: Maintaining consistent installations, can be difficult.  Especially if you are nationwide.


There is an easier way to save the time, money, and avoid unforeseen issues of a bad DIY experience. From start to finish and after, iTech Digital will stay with you every step of the way to ensure your business has a quality surveillance solution.

Ashley Schalk
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