One for You One for Me?

Employee theft is often considered the single largest cause of retail shrinkage. QSR reports that “Intentional shrinkage usually occurs during checkout when an employee takes orders, accepts more cash for the purchase than he/she enters into the POS system, and then pockets the extra cash.”


In an attempt to reduce these occurrences, and similar theft, many retailers and quick service restaurants are turning to a digital video surveillance solution with Point of Sale (POS) integration. This technology enables corporate loss prevention, store owners and even location managers to review video that is directly tied to POS transaction data. In addition, searchable keywords allow for quick access to the video as needed.


Anyone who has worked in retail or QSR management knows that finding a problem is only half the battle, preventing reoccurrence is really what’s important. Once you’ve discovered a violation, how do you prove it? Immediately pesky questions arise: Who actually processed the transaction? Was there a customer there? Did the employee put cash into his or her pocket? The answer to all of these: video verification. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is not just a cliché. Use your i2i Systems DVR to visually review the transaction, including the time before and after, watch the transactions scroll on the screen, note which employee is at the till. Take a snap shot or video clip and use it for discipline or, if necessary, prosecution.


To improve the effectiveness of your video surveillance package by using Point of Sale Integration, contact an iTech Digital Account Manager today.

Ashley Schalk
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