Excuse the Intrusion - How Secure is your Business?

One only has to look as far as the next action movie to understand what a concern intrusion is causing businesses. In one popular feature, the hero must dive into a whirlpool-topped tank, filled with churning water, drop down to a chamber lined with vaults, select and find the right vault, open it, retrieve a file, find the exit door and escape the tank in under two minutes - while holding his breath. Granted, this is Hollywood and the mission is more than impossible. But the scenario must cause security officers to ask the question "Just how secure is our facility if someone really wanted to break in and sabotage our business?" 


Today's businesses need the ability to control who is allowed to enter their facility and who is not. It's more than just access control, done with a badge or card. It's the integration of solutions that can help prevent intrusion, optimize security, enable safety, enhance communication and sound to protect the facility. Intrusion solutions shut down systems, trigger events to record and communicate when action must be taken.


Bosch access control panels give organizations a wide variety of programmable options to monitor access points, making them more secure. The G-Series is built for organizations that have a large facility or several buildings on a campus. This panel supports a combination of up to 599 points of intrusion and fire over 32 separate or combined areas. This panel is also capable of access control, supporting up to 16 integrated IP cameras.


For smaller businesses, the B-Series intrusion control panel will support up to 32 points of intrusion over four separate or combined areas and up to four integrated IP surveillance cameras. Both panels can send notifications via email and/or text messaging and are able to utilize a bilingual user interface with multiple language support. The panels integrate multiple video and access platforms and are capable of remote control and of monitoring certain functions as well as status and arming features via an app.


ITech Digital specifies these intuitive panels in our intrusion integration solutions. Our tech specialists are ready to help evaluate your existing intrusion system and provide up-to-date options to keep your business more secure.


Randy Baldonado
Randy Baldonado is the Director of Sales Engineering and Project Management at ITech Digital. He works with our security solutions installation and support team to build partnerships with customer IT departments.
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