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Excuse the Intrusion - How Secure is your Business?

One only has to look as far as the next action movie to understand what a concern intrusion is causing businesses. In one popular feature, the hero must dive into a whirlpool-topped tank, filled with churning water, drop down to a chamber lined with vaults, select and find the right vault, open it, retrieve a file, find the exit door and escape the tank in under two minutes - while holding his breath. Granted, this is Hollywood and the mission is more than impossible. But the scenario must cause security officers to ask the question "Just how secure is our facility if someone really wanted to break in and sabotage our business?" 

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Create a Smarter System by Integrating Access Control with Video Surveillance

As technology progresses, so does the ability to integrate Video and Access Control – and in today’s world, it just makes sense to integrate these systems to enhance your surveillance needs.

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