Holiday Security

As the holiday season fast approaches, retailers get set to welcome the annual wave of shoppers. Unfortunately, as the crowds increase, so will shop-lifting, slip & falls and workplace accidents. Loss prevention directors know even the savviest managers cannot monitor an entire store.


Why not pair good employee training with an i2i Video Surveillance solution from iTech Digital? Our systems are not only reactive, they also serve as a powerful theft deterrent. Ask your Account Executive about Public View Monitor options, an effective addition to any surveillance package.


i2i systems are geared towards growing with your business – start with a few cameras in critical areas, and upgrade as your needs expand. We offer many different camera options and as many as 32 channels per system. With a focus on efficiency, many customers realize more than 90 days of storage. Even when the holiday rush is over, you’ll still have plenty time to review video.


We’ll keep an eye on your shoppers, while you keep yours on the increasing bottom line!

Ashley Schalk
Which video surveillance system is right for my organization?
Video surveillance has several benefits, but designing the right system for your organization can be complicated. Take a crash course in the technology and terminology in our buyer’s guide to video surveillance systems.
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