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Safety and Security Signage - Only half the answer.

We see these signs every day in all kinds of environments... or do we? Many times, these warnings become lost in the mirage of company advertising and décor. There's no question that companies should continue utilizing these safety tools, but it is important to recognize that signage is only half of the answer.

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Access Control - a 65 Year History

January 1952 
Frank Best, Founder and President of Best Lock Corporation, revealed a new Electro-Combination Lock/Alarm System at the Plant Maintenance & Engineering show. Frank Best was the inventor of the interchangeable core master keyed locking system. He realized early on that a keyless access control system, that allowed access management along with simple reprograming, was the future.

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ambit - Developing a culture of connectivity

Last month, we told you about the Maxxess Access Control solution — the dynamic, adaptive tool for single- or multi-facility organizations. When it is integrated with ambit, the Emergency Mobile Communication application, it provides a total mobile access control solution for any market segment.

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Positive Worship Experiences Begin with a Secure Environment

When a person enters a house of worship, they expect to be safe to practice their faith in an atmosphere of peace and reverence. But current world attitudes are creating many challenges to this expectation. It's common to see the news broadcast incidents of malicious graffiti marring the side of a country church or the destruction of valuable artifacts in a mosque or temple. Churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues must acknowledge that they could be the target of a hate crime and look for a way to deter perpetrators and protect their parishioners.

faith band.jpg
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Customer Support Makes a Difference at ITech Digital

"Wow! I'm surprised that a person is actually answering the phone and not voice mail!"

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The Power of the Maxxess Access Control Solution

At ITech Digital, we have developed a portfolio of products that are well-integrated and solutions that are essential to our customer's organizations.With this is mind, we are excited to add the Maxxess Access Control Solution to our portfolio of products.


The Maxxess multi-application security solution is dynamic, adaptive, and infinitely scalable. Whether a single property or a multi-facility global entity, across industries such as healthcare to hospitality, and education to transportation, Maxxess has the right solution. Its well-developed integration with AMBIT (Emerency Mobile Communication Application) is critical for providing a total solution for any market segment.


Running a successful business requires the right tool and materials. Many end-users have chosen to retain their existing outdated security systems until a conversion is forced upon them due to system failures, end-of-life announcements, or high support costs. Unfortunately, not all conversions are upgrades. Some organizations have actually swapped their old system for a newer, yet still proprietary system. When end-users have taken this "out of the frying pan and into the fire approach", it is usually based on the lack of clear, economic alternatives.


A true UPGRADE alternative now exists for just about any existing security system.

Maxxess offers a cost-effective approach to upgrades that enables organizations to immediately move to open, interoperable access control. The Maxxess upgrade not only addresses existing requirements, but also allows users to leverage today's technological advancements. Our conversion products feature the most open and powerful software available today.


Moving to the latest Maxxess solution opens the door to integrating other components of your security and safety solutions, including:


  • Video surveillance
  • Emergency Mobile Communication (AMBIT)
  • Intrusion
  • Fire
  • Nurse Call
  • Wandering Patient
  • Asset Management
  • Business Intelligence


Bringing these solutions under the Maxxess platform allows us to gather all of the data that these systems create and paints a much clearer picture of what is happening within your business. It also simplifies your ability to manage your security solution.


Whether upgrading older technology or installing a new solution, Maxxess can provide the right solution for your security and safety needs. Contact ITech Digital for a no-obligation review of your current security system. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Crime Deterred with 3xLogic Audio Security

Imagine this scenario - a group of three would-be thieves enter a car dealer's lot. There's no one in sight and the office is closed, as the trio approaches the first row of cars, having cased the lot the day before. Suddenly, the speaker, overhead, comes to life. A thundering voice announces that the lot is now closed but is under video surveillance and asks visitors to return during regular business hours. The first thing that happens is that the individuals look up to where the voice is coming from, allowing the well-positioned camera to capture a good video clip of their face. The second thing the video captures is the three would-be thieves running off the lot.

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Keeping Unique Students Secure: The Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter Schools



The Lighthouse Charter Schools are special. With an emphasis on the arts, the schools teach the skills necessary for good citizenship and lifelong learning. The resulting foundation is meant to give the students the skills needed to graduate from college.



Lighthouse Charter.jpg

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Keeping the Potbelly Brand Secure

 The Potbelly Sandwich Shop, an international chain restaurant, known for delicious, nutritious submarine sandwiches and soups, started from humble beginnings. In 1977, Potbelly started in a small antique store on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. By 2005, Potbelly had over 100 shops open nationally and was named one of "America's 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies" by Inc. Magazine. By their 30th anniversary, they opened their 200th store and was eighth on the list of Crain's Business "50 Fastest Growing Companies". Not only does the chain "help people eat right, without giving up the things they love", part of their mission includes their commitment to promote green initiatives and giving back to local communities. 

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How government legislation is effecting security on campuses

Bullying, fighting and aggression, shooting and bomb threats - practically every night our newscasts reflect the chaos of our schools. We have to do better at protecting our children from threats within the school's walls  and outsiders who trespass on our campuses. Some state governments, like those in Texas and Ohio, are stepping in to make security and surveillance a priority for their school's agendas.

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