5 Steps To Protect Your Vacant Commercial Property & How To Secure It

With the rise of vacant retail buildings and commercial properties, many landlords are faced with maintaining empty buildings for significant time until they are occupied or sold. But what are some ways to ensure your empty property is safe from intruders and disasters while you and your team are away? At ITech Digital, we've helped secure empty warehouses and commercial buildings and have listed a few ways to make sure your building is safe while you're away.




5 Ways To Protect Your Vacant Commercial Property

  • Clear Away All Debris Inside And Outside The Vacant Property.

    • A clean facility deters crime risk and also prevents fires, falls and contamination.
  • Continue To Maintain Lawn Care Services And Snow Removal.
    • Maintaining the lawn and parking lots are not only critical to the access of the building, but also serve as a crime deterrent. 
  • Secure On-And-Off-Site Valuables.
    • Appliances and tools left out are up for grabs to any intruder. That also goes for outdoor decor and equipment.
  • Downsizing? Make Sure You Have People In Place To Maintain The Property Or Hire A Property Management Company.
    • Whatever works best for your budget, make sure someone is keeping an eye on your property as much as possible.
  • Remember That Even A Vacant Building Still Needs Resources For Heat, Fire Protection, Security and Lights.

    • Keep utilities on to ensure your building is as safe from harm as possible. Adding security signage is another helpful way to keep criminals away.


While the suggestions above will help to protect your property from damage in most cases, adding a security solution such as real-time video surveillance remote monitoring is the best way to watch over your property even when you're miles away.


Real-Time Video Surveillance Monitoring Of Vacant Commercial Property Straight From Your Phone

Surveillance cameras give you eyes on your property from wherever you are, so no detail of an incident is missed. And real-time visibility means you're aware of the incident as soon as it happens. With the ability to set notifications based on motion detection, your phone is alerted whenever there's motion on your property. While serving as an excellent crime deterrent from its mere presence, a surveillance camera system can also monitor for other serious events such as flooding and fire and are able notify you as soon as they occur. 


Security Solutions For Commercial Properties

Interested in securing your vacant commercial property in Indianapolis? Contact us to schedule a free site survey. We are careful to listen to the needs of our clients, identify pain points, and propose a customized technologically-driven solution to protect your property and anyone who has access. Contact ITech Digital at (866) 733-6673 to speak to a security team member or contact us online to schedule a free site survey. 

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