Say No to Sweet-hearting <3

Most owners recognize that direct employee theft and customer shoplifting occur, but what about Sweet-hearting? Often unnoticed by managers, this discrete form of theft involves giving employee discounts and free products to friends and family members. Employees find creative ways to steal, including these three major types of Sweet-hearting:


  • Entering wrong item numbers at the register
  • Failing to scan items
  • Marking out sellable products as “damaged” or “expired”


What’s a great way to stop these unwanted freebies? Security cameras are the most efficient way to catch a dishonest employee in the act. Keeping tabs on your employees’ actions and transactions has never been easier or more effective than with iTech Digital’s i2i Systems. Our custom solutions enable owners to remotely review video via phone or PC, and even track register activity with POS integration. Who said love is blind?

Ashley Schalk
Which video surveillance system is right for my organization?
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