Security from a Human Resources Perspective

Security is an issue that touches employees in all positions, at every level of an organization. Consider the Human Resources department of a successful retail chain with kiosks and mall stores. The importance of security in such a store is obvious - to keep an eye on high traffic situations, shoplifters and theft. What isn't so obvious is the role that video surveillance plays in coaching employees and reviewing their performance on the job.




Security measures are a key part of employee training. One Human Resources director says, "Store employees are taught that the number one deterrent to theft and controlling shrink is excellent customer service." This makes a lot of sense since shoplifters often look for situations where employees are distracted or overly busy. If employees are paying attention to the activity in the store, it is more difficult for criminals to have an opportunity to take merchandise.


If a trained, engaged sales staff is the number one deterrent to shoplifters, visible video surveillance is a very effective backup. Cameras within sight of store traffic deters theft and provides iron-clad evidence if perpetrators are caught and held accountable. Video also helps management and human resources with employee accountability, attentiveness, serving customers and doing their job effectively.


When used with business intelligence, video can be used to identify human resources and operations issues like low conversion rates during high traffic times and legal situations such as harassment or altercations in the store. Our director states, "Many times we find that employees were on their cell phones or stocking shelves rather than helping customers, thus the reason for low conversioin rates. This data is used as a coaching opportunity with our employees."


In retail corporate management, Human Resources works with the legal department, putting together historical data and corresponding video to use in harassment cases and providing evidence in cases involving theft. HR also gets involved with Loss Prevention teams when they conduct audits and investigations on stores who have unresolved exception-based reporting (EBR) alerts or compliance issues. Video and data intelligence often play an important role in obtaining written admissions and restitution, resolving these internal shrink issues. 


An organization's security touches every department and almost every position in some way. To talk with one of our experts about how an integrated security system can make your business safer, more efficient and possibly increase your ROI, contact us at 866-733-6673 or email us at

Guest Author
Our guest author is the HR Director of a large multi-channel retailer, with over 10 years experience in Human Resources.
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