ITech Digital Welcomes O'Rob Childs, Vice President of Sales



ITech Digital extends a warm welcome to O'Rob Childs, our new Vice President of Sales. After graduating from Ball State University, O'Rob got his start in Sports Marketing, working for the Indiana Pacers and the Phoenix Coyotes. Since then, he has focused his career on serving his customers through Business Development, Account Management and Customer Service in several areas of business.



O'Rob has many goals for ITech Digital's Sales team which build upon the company's existing success. Attracting, developing and retaining high-quality talent is a key component to O'Rob's plan for the department's success. He believes in setting goals, challenges and opportunities for growth so his sales team has a clear direction when talking to potential and existing clients. He also wants to establish key marketing partnerships to increase market share and revenue opportunities.


O'Rob and his wife, Rena, have been married for fourteen years and have two children, Stella, who is 10, and Tommy, who just turned 8. Their two dogs, Howie and White Sox, complete the Childs household. As to his personal life outside of ITech Digital, O'Rob says, "My faith is extremely important to me and my family. With two active kids, there's not a lot of downtime. Typically, I spend some time in the wee hours of the morning with the weights on a bar, working against the laws of gravity."


Our new Vice President of Sales leads by example. O'Rob says, "My faith and passion is to genuinely serve others well, so as a manager, I will serve my team by empowering and encouraging them to be 'service-minded', 'service-focused' and 'service-driven'. Professionally, my biggest career achievement and how I measure success is by the number of relationships I have made and developed over the years."


We're very excited to have O'Rob's leadership at the helm of our Sales team and look forward to many years of sales growth at ITech Digital.


Mark Nazarenus
Mark Nazarenus is the President of ITech Digital. Mark is an experienced security professional that partners with organizations across the nation to design custom security solutions for industries like retail, restaurants, warehouse and commercial buildings, K-12 schools and colleges.
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